Rr. Berat-Drobonik sh74, Berat, Albania
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Castle Park is truly a beautiful and charming hotel destination. Consider it your perfect “home away from home” as you explore Berat and surrounding areas. How fitting that a spectacular hotel has been created here in this beautiful oasis. Here you will see traces of the vast and complex history seamlessly interwoven with every modern convenience you could desire.

It is a magical place that has been brought to life through painstaking attention to detail. The owners sought to create a hotel where unforgettable memories could be made, where a quiet place to relax is not difficult to find, and where the desire to return will bring guests back again and again.

Our Standard
1. A quiet paradise
The hotel is located in the woods across the city 1.5 km from the centre of the town. It is a quiet paradise for the nature lovers and relaxation seekers.
2. Adventure activites
If you are an outdoor enthusiast or adventure tourist, you’ve come to the right place. We organise fun tours like rafting, canyon exploration, hydro-speed, hiking etc.
3. The best organic food
Our restaurant boasts the best traditional recipes made from hand picked local organic food. Freshness and pure natural food is also the key ingredient of our tasty recipes.
4. Albanian Hospitability
Hotel Restaurant Castle Park is renowned for the traditional Albanian authenticity. It proudly holds 3 awards by the Authentic Albania Quality Mark respectively: Albanian Cuisine, Albanian Spirit, Authentic Albania Silver Award.

Address: Rr. Berat-Drobonik sh74, Berat, Albania

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