Hotel Nasho Vruho

Rruga Llambi Guxhumani, Berat, Albania
069 529 2230

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Charming Hotel Nasho Vruho is located on the top of a hill, between a secluded and verdant nature with a spectacular view of Tomorri and Berat with a 2400 year history.

Maybe everything is magical, because every detail is accomplished with passion, courage, insistence, but above all it is created to forgive unforgettable moments by having a little seat on whoever belongs to it, to be faithfully back again .

The hotel is located near the city It is a quiet paradise and above all the fanatical preservation of the old Albanian tradition.

The restaurant serves traditional recipes prepared with the finest meat and vegetables of the area.

Address:Rruga Llambi Guxhumani, Berat, Albania

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Open 7:00-23:00

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