Kanionet e Çorovodës

Çorovodë Albania

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The Osumi Gorges, also known as the “Skrapar’s canyons”, is the largest river canyon in Albania. It is located in the southern region of the Republic of Albania, namely in the District of Berat, Skrapar District. Amazing scenery of nature in this cany makes it one of the most attractive in the Balkan region.

The canyon is created by Osum River abrasive and digestive forces, exerted on the limestone rock mass of Çorovodë’s anti-lateral structure, and is about 13 km long, from 4 to 35 mi wide, up to 70-80 m vertical slopes. The time of its formation is thought to be 2 to 3 million years ago.

When traveling inland you will be amazed by the astonishing beauty, but also by some strange and incredible impressions to be created: the skies of the sky together with parts of the vertical walls of gray limestone and green vegetation are reflected in the many river basins , thus creating a mixture of overturned colors and shapes that, with their fluidity, confuse, disorient and plunge into a completely different world, but to arouse the sweet sensation you do not want to emerge. This is not the only marvel of this canyon: in some of its sections there are large waterfalls with surprising beauty, especially in the sunny days, the rays of which break out of water droplets, forming stars, starting from the sky, continue to canyon slopes, from where they are reflected in the water basins and the river bed. In these cases you find it difficult to set the boundary between the earth and the sky, to show even more powerful sensations, to follow from behind and even when you are out of the canyon, even when you are away from it, invite you to return and visit it again.


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