Kisha e “Shën Kollit”,

Kuçovë Albania

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The Perhondia Church (Pendarhondia) is sh. XI, ie, was built around 1050, which is older than the ones that are standing in tons of the country, rebuilt on the foundations of a Paleochristian (ie, the first Christianity, up to the VIth of our century) and presents interesting architectural features , with the introduction of Gothic and Byzantine elements. She was studied by ing. architect, prof. Alexander Meksi, and was carefully restored as a monument to the importance of culture. The church is named after Saint Nicholas and was once inside the monastery with the same name, which – according to some limited surveys, which we can make, seems to have been burned in sh. XVI for unknown and remaining reasons to be explored. According to a document drawn up in October 1399, Manastir had a rich and luxurious library. This document, quoted by K. Papadopoulos, in 1884 in Odessa, in the Archaeological VI Cloister, was compiled here by Danielle, Priest Jeromeak and Igumen of Manastir, in the presence of Prince Teodor Muzak III (Muzaka twice heroically and killed in the battle of Kosovo, 10 years ago, in 1389), and of a number of senior religious principals. It is a rich and interesting inventory of the valuable book that would be brought up and secured at the fortress of Beligrad (Berat) in the Shengjergj Monastery, fearing the close intervention of the Turks.


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