Restorant Gega

Rruga Antipatrea , Lagjja "10 Korriku" Berat, Berat 5001, Albania
069 208 7181

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Gega Restaurant is located on the main street of Berat town “Antipatrea”.
It is located 500 m from the city center. The restaurant offers a quiet and pleasant ambience.

The rich traditional cuisine and European fine cuisine offers all kinds of delicious meals. which our two Albanian and Italian cooks are looking for. Mostly based on Italian cuisine, which comes with a variety of cookery prepared by the Italian Chief in a long career in his profession.
Fast and easy delivery quality by all staff.Restaurant Gega competes with dignity in the city not only with quality food, convenience but also with reasonable prices.

Some of the cookies prepared by our Chief are:

Traditional cooking in Berat

Tagliatelle Gega

Ravioli at Caruso

Special pizza

Address:Rruga Antipatrea , Lagjja “10 Korriku” Berat, Berat 5001, Albania

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Open :10:00-24:00

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