St. Mary of Blachernae Church

Berat, Albania

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The Church of Saint Mary of Berat is one of the oldest churches built in the city of Berat, which dates back to the 20th century. XIII-XIV.

The church has a courtyard where it is thought to have existed an early century monastery. V and VI. It is of the cross type inscribed and built with clausonage technique (stone surrounded by bricks), characteristic of Byzantine churches of the century. XIII-XIV. The reconstruction of the church dates back to the 16th century.

Underneath the church floor is a well that is thought to have been rebuilt earlier. Nicholas Onufri painted the church in 1578. The paintings feature portraits of prophets and evangelical scenes. The floor is decorated with mosaic. It is thought that the origin of the name comes from the palace of Vlachern in Constantinople.

Address: Berat, Albania


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