The Tomorr’s Mountain


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Tomorri is a mountain in the east of the city of Berat in Albania. Tomorri is the most impressive mountain in South Albania. With its highest peak of 2416 meters, it rises alone in a neighing plain to rival it and thus possesses the appearance of all the horizons. This makes it magnificent, as beautiful mountain meadows make it, and scary the steep rocky peaks, the deep abyss and the storms of surprise. English ethnology Margaret Hasluck, who climbed to his pinnacle in 1930, found, among other things, that pilgrims believed in a supernatural power with headquarters at that tip and that the oath for Baba Tomorrin was stronger than the oath on the Gospel or the Qur’an . It is understood that this worship is the remnant of the pagan cult of nature, within which the beliefs of the Albanian have remained.

From the pagan cult of high peaks, prevalent throughout Albania, the cult of Tomorr’s mountain has survived in the course of centuries and religious changes. Enjoying a prestigious prestige in the Albanian world, he has gained the attribute of the holy mountain. The fact that this mountain in popular tradition, in the antique and medieval period and in romantic literature is imagined as the Albanian Olympics, is believed to be a proof of the Balkan cultural unit.

In subsequent ethno-historical and religious development of Albanians, the pagan substratum proved to be very stable, he survived as an element of the continuity of the Illyrian mythological tradition and as an expression of their spiritual unity. Pagan pagan pagan sites and pagan rituals remained the same in later religious eras, only the imaginations associated with these rituals changed, taking on a Christian or Islamic dress. This evolution and stagnation is also characteristic of Tomor’s cult and rites of pilgrims in his reverence.


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