Ura e Beratit (Goricës)


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Gorica Bridge is located in the city of Berat in Albania. Gorica Bridge is one of the oldest in the country, at the same time counted as a monument of culture. The bridge was built in the 18th century. It was originally made of wood. Later, in 1780, at the time of Ahmet Kurt Pasha she was stoned. According to written archival documentation, the Bridge had a nearly complete reconstruction during the 1920-1930s. It has a length of 129.3 meters and a width of 5.3 meters. It consists of 7 arches that have spaces ranging from 9 to 16.7 meters. As you may know, it connects Gorica neighborhood with other parts of Berat and Këlcyra road. It’s up to 10 feet above the Osumi bed.

In 1927 the construction of the bridge was entrusted to the government by that time by a new builder from Italy who, after carrying out works on only one foot of the bridge, lacked the experience of proceeding further on the erection of the bridges of the bridge. At this time engineer went to the aid of opaque master Hamza Molla from the village of Gjonbabas (Korça) to build the first arch of the bridge.I surprised by the mastery of the craftsman, the engineer wanted to entrust the construction of the bridge and leave himself in Italy. He recommended that this work be entrusted to Master Mahmut Belul Lekasi, who together with Hamzain and other masters of Opar completed the construction of the bridge within 1927.

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