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Berat Albania

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Lead Mosque (Berat)
The Iron Mosque (Izmir) was built in the 30s of the XVI century, the rule of Sultan Sulejman Konunori (1520-1566), a period when the city of Berat began to recover by becoming an important administrative and religious center in the The Ottoman Empire.

The monument rises in the center of the city and was constructed on the order of the feudal Ahmet Bey Uzgurliu, who is thought to be the sucker of the Skuraj [1]. Ottoman traveler Evlia Celebi when quoting Ahmet Bey’s list of buildings in the city of Berat, following the description of the mosque itself, as a glass constructed of carved, leaded, elegant minaret and a lichen with seven domed domes they also tell us that it was part of a complex made up of bazaar, madrasa, imareti (public cafeteria), school, bath and cesspool. The architectural components of the monument are: square prayer domes with dome, portico on the north side, and high and thin minaret worked on its basement in the technique of rocking. In its interior is the abundant lighting from the presence of many windows.

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